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Introducing the AB NightVision Inc. MOD-3 Bravo Bridge 

We are pleased to announce that the newly designed MOD-3B has several enhancements that take it a step beyond the original MOD-3 Bridge. 
MOD-3B (Bravo Bridge)
First and foremost is increased strength.  We redesigned the pod slider, the female dovetail which accepts the Optical Pod, to be made out of aluminum.  This ensures a more rugged design which is better able to handle drops and impacts.  Having the Pod Sliders made from aluminum also allows us to add adjustment screws which removes all play between the pod sliders and the bridge. 

Improved lanyard attachment point and Optical Pod release. 
The design change also allows us to relocate the lanyard attachment point.  Now, instead of the neck lanyard passing through the corner of the bridge, we have moved the attachment point to the rearmost corner of the Pod Slider.  This allows the binocular to hang downward protecting the lenses.  We also changed the design of the Optical Pod release so that it is much more ergonomic and easier to manipulate.

 Minimal weight difference. In keeping with our goal to provide quality user-friendly products, the total weight increase from the MOD-3B design enhancements is only 9 grams (0.3 oz).  We are excited to share these changes with our customers and it is our firm belief that the MOD-3B will not only suit your night vision needs, but will exceed expectation.