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Introducing the new AB NightVision Inc. MOD-3 ANVIS Mount


 The MOD-3 ANVIS Mount allows you to use a standard ANVIS helmet mount and battery pack to both mount and power your MOD-3B. 

Tilt adjustment and range.  The knob on the side of the ANVIS mounts adjusts for tilt, and has the same range of motion as an AVS-9.   They also adjust front to back and have approximately 1/8 inch more travel than an AVS-9.

Power conduction and corrosion resistance. Power is conducted to the bridge via spring loaded contacts.  Electrical surfaces are treated for corrosion resistance and the unit is safe to submerge. 

User-friendly switch design.  The binocular will power on when rotated to the down position in an ANVIS helmet mount regardless of switch position, provided the helmet mount is powered.  This feature eliminates the frustration of fumbling in the dark for a power switch.  When the binocular is flipped down into the ready position it will automatically power on.

Battery options.  With the ANVIS mount you can power the unit either through the on-board binocular battery, or an external battery pack via the mount.

The MOD-3 ANVIS Mount weighs 67 grams (2.4 oz).  Exchanging the ANVIS mount for the dovetail mount is quickly accomplished with a 3/32 Allen wrench utilizing the same mounting screws. 

These mounts are available for purchase upon request from the retailers listed on our dealer's page and is compatible with the MOD-3 Bravo Bridge.

MOD-3B with ANVIS Mount