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Please note that our products are not available for direct purchase to individuals through

AB NightVision Inc.  Products are available via our dealer network as listed below.  



To purchase AB NightVision Inc. products, please visit the following approved dealers: 


ADVANCED NIGHT VISION, LLC - ADAVANCED NIGHT VISION, LLC, in partnership with NIGHT SIGHT OPTICS, specializes in custom high performance night vision devices for the civilian, state, and local level agencies.  Advanced Night Vision LLC. offers wholesale and retail sales of all things night vision.  (Products: MOD-3, RNVG, AB-LPBP)

MAXAVISION TECHNOLOGIES MAXAVISION TECHNOLOGIES is a night vision distributor offering our STORM and FURY Helmet Mounts as well as our Low Profile Battery Packs (AB-LPBP) on their GSA Schedule GS-07F-066DA. (Products: STORM, FURY, AB-LPBP)

NIGHT VISION DEVICES- NIGHT VISION DEVICES (formerly known as Night Vision Depot) are experts in night vision technologies, having a team of individuals with more than 100+ combined years of experience in the industry.  They serve domestic DOD, Federal, Law Enforcement sales and direct Commercial Sales, as well as DOD Foreign Military Sales.  (Products:  All products available upon request.)

NIGHT VISION INC NIGHT VISION INC has been in business since 1996 and has worked closely with our government and civilians alike.  They offer high-end night vision, thermal image surveillance, and tactical law enforcement equipment. (Products:  All products available upon request.)

NIGHTLINE, INC. - NIGHTLINE, INC located in Tennessee, is a leading global OEM manufacturer of Gen III+ Night Vision, Thermal, Laser & Test Equipment.  For more than three decades, they have made it their mission to provide friendly, attentive customer service and top-quality products in several performance levels to meet any budget for both military and commercial markets.   (Products:  RNVG, OTHER PRODUCTS UPON REQUEST.)

NIGHTOPS TACTICAL INCNIGHTOPS TACTICAL INC. provides solutions. With over 18 years experience in the night vision industry, they design, develop, and distribute products with the operator in mind, offering customers the highest quality product and service. (Products:  All products available upon request.) 

RelicRaptor SOLUTIONS LLC - RelicRaptor Solutions, LLC., located in sunny St. Pete, FL, provides Night Vision and Thermal products to the Professional and Private Sectors from a full service and repair facility.  (Products:  All products available upon request. Email for more info.)

SEE THE NIGHT LLC - SEE THE NIGHT, LLC. provides top of the line night vision and thermal products.  They have years of hands on experience and use many of the products that they offer in the field.  (Products:  RNVG )

STEELE INDUSTRIES, INC - STEELE INDUSTRIES, INC. is an industry leader in revolutionizing the lead time associated with night vision devices.  Since 2019, they have been committed to customer satisfaction and product solutions to meet their customers needs.  Their team is derived from Military, Law Enforcement, and Aerospace & Defense backgrounds, bridging more than 75 years of combined experience in the Night Vision Sector. (Products:  RNVG )

TNVC TNVC (Tactical Night Vision Company) is a veteran-owned and operated distributor and manufacturer of high end night vision and other low-light/no-light gear; selling to U.S. Government and commercial entities alike. (Products:  All products available upon request.)

ULTIMATE NIGHT VISION - ULTIMATE NIGHT VISION stocks and distributes night vision components as well as complete systems for retail, wholesale, and government agencies. UNV also offers a nationwide night vision rental program. (Products: MOD-3, RNVG)

US NIGHT VISION - US NIGHT VISION has provided civilians, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as the US Military, with advanced quality night vision, thermal imaging, infrared and lasers since their inception in 2001.  (Products: RNVG)


 *The above listings notate which AB NightVision Inc. branded items that each retailer typically carries. If you do not see a specific ABNV product listed above or on the retailer's website, you may have to contact the dealer directly and ask that the item be ordered, especially if it is an item that they don't keep in stock such as tools or accessories.*



Thank you for your interest in becoming an AB NightVision Inc. dealer.  

Please note that we are not accepting new dealer applications at this time.  Updates will be posted to this page should that change.  Thank you!