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RNVG Recall (AA Battery Style with Aux Power Port)

Posted by Adam Barker on

A problem has been identified affecting only RNVG units that have both the AA Battery option AND Auxiliary Power Port option. Running an external battery pack on an RNVG-AA-AP unit via the Auxiliary Port connector while the RNVG has an AA battery installed on-board the unit could potentially cause the on-board AA battery to overheat.

There are a total of 23 of these AA Auxiliary Power Port units that are affected. We have already serviced several units, and to the best of our knowledge all customers have been contacted. If you own one of the units below and did not get an email from us or from the retailer that you purchased the unit from, please give us a call at 423-573-6995 for instructions on sending your unit in to have it serviced. The turn around time for this service is 1-2 days and we will cover all costs.

The serial numbers of the affected units are:

0061, 0062, 0066, 0072, 0074, 0086, 0089, 0091, 0093, 0094, 0098, 0123, 0130, 0137, 0138, 0139, 0140, 0154, 0155, 0157, 0158, 0164, 0165

Again, this issue affects only RNVG units with AA Battery option AND Auxiliary Ports. This does not affect other AA, 123, or 123-AP style RNVG units OR the AB NightVision brand battery packs.

Please note that the AA battery is the only component of the system that is compromised by this problem. There is no danger to the image intensifier tubes or any other component of the unit.

We would like to thank our customers for their patience as we work swiftly and efficiently to correct the issue for them. It is always our goal to provide our customers with top quality night vision housings and to deliver the best service possible if any issues should ever arise.

Thank you,

Adam Barker
AB NightVision Inc.

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